Beauty Care & Eye Care

Typically this program is for 7, 14 or 21 days. The very beginning believes in complete beauty – both internal and external. You will be provided beauty care therapies and treatments that will purify your blood and improve the circulation making your skin glow. This treatment will improve the skin complexion and skin tone and beautify & tone the body’s is figure. It aims in removing all the dead skin, pimples, patches and all other skin problems. This treatment program is for 2-3 hours per day for 7 to 14 days.
This program includes abhyangam, pizhichil, navarakkizhi, udwarthanam, urgharshanam, rice facial, herbal cream massage, mukhalepam, kayalepam, intake of herbal juice and special steam bath. A balanced ayurvedic diet is practiced all throughout the treatment period.
Royal Makeover- This is most Special Beauty Therapy to make you feel thoroughly Royal. Padaprakshalanam (Traditional Foot Massage) is given concentrating on the vital points of the feet to activate the channels. This is then followed by Siro-abhyangam (traditional head massage with herbal oils). Then is the time for Abhyangam, the famous synchronized massage with special medicated oil. The body is then given a through scrub called TwakShodhanam to remove the dead cells from the skin and covered with a cooling pack called Kaya Lepam. KeshaLepam is also done it involves application of herbal paste to the scalp in a special technique to promote hair growth, and nourish them. Mukha-abhyangam and Nethradhara are done as the body pack is left for drying and followed by Steam bath.
Eye care- This program includes Netradhara, NetraTrarpanam, Pindi and many other eye care treatment depending on your body needs and the doctor’s prescription. The treatments and therapies of eye care are apt for stressed eyes and revitalises the eyes making you feel relaxed and brings lustre to the eyes.