Ayurveda is a science with amazing power to cure and care. Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment with some specialty. The word or term “Kizhi” is taken from Malayalam language from south India. It can be define in many ways. It’s a massage therapy and part of Ayurveda mainly aims to enhance and protect the health and wellness of the whole body. This procedure is popularly known as Elakkizhi or Pachakkizhi. In this fresh leaves are collected and cutting to small pieces. These cut leafs are then fried in medicated oil along with coconut scrapes and lemon. It is then tied in a suitable cloth and made in to a bolus. Leaves of Calotropis gigantean, Ricinus communis, Vites nigundo, Muoringa oilfera, Tamarind etc . are the ones generally used for the bolus preparation. The inclusion of herbal leaves in the preparation of bouls depends on the condition of the individual. Medicated oil is applied on the whole body on the affected area. Prepared bouls is heated in small quantity of medicated oil and is applied over the body as soft punches. The technique nourishes the strained body parts and alleviates sore muscles and joints. This therapy is effective in various types of arthritis, spondylitis, lumbago, frozen shoulder, sciatica, post paralytic spasm, sports injuries and for all other spastic and inflammatory conditions etc. It enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses the channels of circulation and expels toxins through the sweat. It helps in toning and rejuvenating the body. It takes a day for its preparation as fresh leaves are to be collected and prepared for the bolus. The duration of application of bouls to the body may vary 30 to 40 minutes depending up on the individual conditions. For this treatment Dhanwantaram thailam, prabhanjana vimardanam thailam, sahacharady thailam, Murivenna, Karpooradi oil, Kottamchukkadi thailam etc. are mainly used. This may vary according to the conditions of the patient or instructions from the physician.

Can be used in following conditions;

· Neurological disorders
· Arthritis
· Myalgia
· Sciatica
· Lumbar Spondylitis
· Cervical Spondylitis
· Post traumatic dysfunctions etc.