Pichu is an ayurvedic treatment popular among ayurveda acharyas. Pichu is used as an effective method to treat the ailments of head, spine and diseases of cranial nerves caused by vata disorder.Pichu is a treatment done externally to a patient. In this treatment, a folded dry cotton cloth or wool with size just enough to cover the concerned area is taken. Thickness of this folded cloth is normally that of a palm. Now, at the center a hole is made on the folded cloth and slightly warm oil is poured through it periodically.The cloth or wool soaked in warm medicated oil is applied on the area under treatment. Throughout the treatment procedure, the oil is heated periodically and kept lukewarm. The cotton wool or the cloth soaked in the oil is left to stay on the affected area for a particular period of time all the way through the treatment.

In this treatment, medicated warm oil is applied on the head externally. It is done to a local area which is affected.Pichu can be directed on a person as a main treatment for head and spine or a simplified treatment can be carried out with similar oil treatments in ayurveda.Pichu is considered to be one of the most trusted methods in head and spinal treatment.Common lower back pain and leg muscle pain can be easily cured with Pichu.It is one of the most proven treatment methods to eliminate joint pains and is also effective in cases of regenerative and normal injuries, spondylitis and osteon-arthritis. Pichu is a perfect mental wellness treatment. It can alleviate chronic headache and reduce insomnia. It can also cure hysteria and hallucination.