Ayurveda is a complete solution, which ensures effective treatment for every disease. Our ancestors believed Ayurveda is reliable and perfect in every aspect. Ayurveda promises good health and longevity, if you follow its principles. It has everything that you would prefer from a medicinal science. Ayurveda gives enormous benefits to body and mind. Therapies are important in Ayurveda and the “Pizhichil” plays the key role in Ayurveda therapies.

Pizhichil is the process in which the body is made to perspire by means of pouring of warm medicated oil in a specific manner.It has certain specialties and Pizhichil is something royal and known as king’s treatment. The Pizhichil is a squeezing way, an Ayurvedic massage in mild manner consists of oil therapy and heat therapy.

Can be used in following conditions;

· Nervous disorders and musculoskeletal disorders.
· Paralysis (Hemiplegia, Paraplegia)
· Arthritis
· Disc Prolapse
· Spondylosis (Cervical & Lumbar)
· Shoulder joint pain & stiffness
· Contusive Wounds